Integrate SendGrid SMTP with ClickFunnels




  • Lindy L Swanson

    Your Step 3 instructions need to be changed because the SendGrid page has changed. It took me about half an hour to figure out what was going on with the changes (I'm such a novice!) The button no longer turns green. It stays gray shaded and is in a different location with a different look than pictured above. It only changes color (to blue) once you click the button on the bottom of the page. (I can't remember what it said, Save or apply changes?)

  • Scott Sharon

    I still get the same message "SMPT server not valid"

  • Marcelino Fernandez

    wont take my domain, it pops "select a domain name but i have already

    help please!

  • Whitney A Collins

    I need help please just started

  • Onorohode young

    When I enter my domain i get the error message to select a domain please help!

  • Chantell Tyler

    Maybe the instructions need to be updated?

    1. In Step 2, there were no boxes/fields to enter any STMP info in CF. However, I verified and I did receive and email.

    2. There is no Webhook to copy from STMP Integrations setup so cannot complete Step 3.

  • Tahira Hussain

    It is not working for me.Please help

  • Jeffrey Wood

    I see a lot of questions about where to find the "Webhook". 

    It's located in Clickfunnels. Go to "SMTP settings", then "Editing SMTP Integration" it's on the right-hand side. 

    I added a pic. 

    PS I think it likely took me longer to find it than anyone. 

    Good Luck!

  • Nanya Akufu El

    I do not see a webhook on mine. I have the $97 plan.

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