Integrate SendGrid SMTP with ClickFunnels




  • Scott Sharon

    I still get the same message "SMPT server not valid"

  • Chantell Tyler

    Maybe the instructions need to be updated?

    1. In Step 2, there were no boxes/fields to enter any STMP info in CF. However, I verified and I did receive and email.

    2. There is no Webhook to copy from STMP Integrations setup so cannot complete Step 3.

  • Jeffrey Wood

    I see a lot of questions about where to find the "Webhook". 

    It's located in Clickfunnels. Go to "SMTP settings", then "Editing SMTP Integration" it's on the right-hand side. 

    I added a pic. 

    PS I think it likely took me longer to find it than anyone. 

    Good Luck!

  • Nanya Akufu El

    I do not see a webhook on mine. I have the $97 plan.

  • Bradley Burnes

    I keep Getting error code 500. Any idea what may be causing this?

  • elisa

    It's not letting me select any domain.

    Can someone help me please???

  • Tammie Smart

    When I'm in sendgrid and input all the info I'm told to put including the webhook. I then click the verify integration button, nothing happens. I've been struggling with this for a couple hours now... no now it's been 4 hours and still can't get sendgrid to activate ... I'm getting really frustrated. I sent in a work ticket to sendgrid and they haven't replied back (apparently it's upto 48hrs wait time) I'm losing patience, because my business is on hold for them. Can someone please tell me how to fix this? I want to get on with the rest of the set up, but can't till this event notification works.grrrrrrr

  • Anna Karpeko

    I received an error of 500 when I entered the text in Russian, in addition to English. If you enter only in English - everything is ok.

  • jeff albrecht

    I have the full $297/mo plan so everything would be integrated with Clickfunnels.  I have been working back and forth to set up my smpt settings now for over a week and it's still not set up!  I have counted over 50-steps with confusion at every step. I have been repeatedly told to do the same steps by Clickfunnels support over and over again.   just cancelled my $15/mo Get response account that did all of this automatically.  I am at a loss to figure out why this can't be all automated like these other inexpensive services at 20x the price! 


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