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  • Jose Moreno

    Hi Joseph,

    So I have registered the domain name however i have a problem with set up!!

    Some people suggest to have your own domain?



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  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Jose

    There are 2 ways to use a custom domain in ClickFunnles.

    The first is to use the internal domain registration process, you are allowed one domain free for a full year after you open your account that can be set up in only a few clicks.

    Additionally you can use a domain hosted with another registrar.  Depending on the registrar the steps to adding the appropriate record can vary, we have taken the liberty of setting up articles for the most popular registrars and CloudFlare for your inconvenience.  

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  • Sarah Jones

    how can i move my domain from one clickfunnels account to another?

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  • David

    I am also looking for that answer

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  • Tova

    I have done Step 1 in the article and then submitted a ticket requesting the transfer in Step 2. I keep getting the same "experts" bringing me back to this article as an answer...I just need to transfer the domain. I am following all of the steps...CF now do your part please! 

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  • Polina Matveeva

    How can I transfer a domain from one clickfunnels account to another?

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  • Ali Rahbari


    Hope you're doing great. Actually I am a newbie here, I just signed up few days ago in  and they refered me to this site to have my funnel. But as I saw in the advertisement  and tutorial video the First Domain is on the House but when I was registering my Domain I didn't see any free option. Would you please help me with that?

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  • Rodolfo Arias

    Hi. How can transfer a Clickfunnels domain to another Clickfunnels account?

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