• Mark Tosoni

    Wish it were that easy.  I have done this numerous times and I'm still stuck with Click Funnel favicon!

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Mark

    A couple of things you can try.  Frist clear your cookies or use a private browser and see if you see your Favicon.  Also, make sure that the image size is < 26px X 26px.

    Hopefully, that squares it away, if not, it would be best to have our support team take a look at it. 

  • Dmitri Lihhatsov

    Unfortunately, while the favicon in a desktop browser does get updated with the one I set in my funnel's settings, the icon that gets displayed when I save my website as an item on my iPhone home screen still displays the ClickFunnel's logo.

    Would it be possible to also allow us to set up those iOS and Android favicons as well? 🙏

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