Add an Order Bump




  • Christopher Montoya

    Can  you add mulitple order bumps??

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Christopher.  Great question.

    You are not able to add additional order bumps without the use of a custom script. 

  • Thomas Mello

    How do I deliver the bump digital asset? 

  • Terrence Thomas

    How do i add an image to the order bump description area? 

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Terrence

    That is something you will need to use a custom script for. offers a version of this script that will allow you to move an image into the bump element.


  • Tanaria Carey

    How do I deliver the order bump?

  • Bernard Nader

    After creating the order bump and don't see the bump added to total of the order when using a stripe test. Why is that?

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Bernard

    Try checking the element on the page and make sure the "order summary" element is present.  If that's there and you have created the product for your bump, we would need to get some eyes on the issue to help further. 


  • Bernard Nader

    Hey Andrew, the order summary was not there. Thanks a lot!

  • Johnanthonylifestyle

    How can I strikethrough parts of the text within the order bump?


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