ClickFunnels eMail Internal SMTP Setup (w/ external domain)




  • Kevin Babb

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been sitting here all day wondering what the hell is up haha



    Same here guys... the same problem


  • Charlie Sattgast

    I have the same issue.

    Please fix the training video so it covers the SMTP Server User, Port, Password, Domain. This section of the setup is not self-explanatory.

  • Tan

    I don't have the updated version, Actionetics "MD".  I only have 4 of the 7 new features.  ??

  • cyndy

    I have watched all the videos and have gone through the process. The page does not like my answers.

    I am a new techy. What is: smtp server, port, domain and how do I find them. What domain should I use? I have 3. How do I know which one connects. Default setting or to choose.

    I would love to have the training videos NOT assume we all know this tech side and include the basics of what these things are. I have been stuck on this for 2 days. Frustrating!! Wasting energy.

    I do have positive things to say about everything else so far though!!

  • Veena Jetti

    this is outdated

  • Tyrone Smith

    this is very outdated and it doesnt cover steps to setup SMPT


  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Tyrone.

    This is for Actionetics MD users and the built-in SMTP service called Click funnels email.  It will be available to all users once Actionetics MD rolls out to the entire userbase. 

  • Donnie Grady

    I keep getting this error message- getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution....

    this SMTP has become a big road block there are no clear instruction on what information goes in the form as to what it is. TI think I have most info correct but this (SMTP Domain) 

    What is the best course of action to get this completed correctly?


  • Joao L. Desousa

    Hi Everyone. It looks like pretty much everyone here are having issues with the Domain. So am I... I did every thing correctly, but got stuck on the Domain. What domain are we talking about here. Do I need to buy a domain? and was never told? is that what it is?


  • Andrew Neumann

    Joao L. Desousa

    Your account comes with a Sub-domain on the root domain.  

    You are also permitted 1 domain that is free for the first year or alternatively you can use a domain name that you already own.

    This article discusses the domain possibilities

    This one is for internal domains:

    This one is for external domains:

  • Javier Giron

    Im having the same issue. I use godaddy and cant get this Email Sending (SMTP) configuration to work.

    Would really appreciate if any of you guys did find a way.


  • Alvaro Gomez

    Mi cuenta se de smtp ha sido bloqueada, me dice algo de que se ha catalogado como spam. ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo? Gracias

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