Archive Contacts




  • Adrian Taverner

    But does archiving a user 1) remove them from active funnels and 2) keep them unsubbed from those lists if the user re-activates for another list?

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Adrian.

    When you archive a subscriber it will remove them from any lists that they are currently subscribed.  If that person opts back into any list that will not reactivate the lists they were on previous to them being archived.

    If you want to remove them completely you can use the "Global Unsubscribe" feature and that will remove them from the system completely. 

  • sstone6976

    How do you mass delete contacts.  I see a way to mass check the boxes to the left on the list.  But no batch or archive function.   

  • Tucker Ferwerda

    how do you mass delete contacts? Since When do we have a certain limit on contacts? 

  • sstone6976

    Who said anything about a limit?  I didn't.  I need to know this function in order to delete an import I did incorrectly.  Has nothing to do with contact limits.  

  • Rebecca Paul

    Is there a way to archive/delte more than one contact after the other?

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