Archive Funnel




  • Edwin Handschuh

    Awesome vid.  Exactly what I needed to know.  Thanks.


  • Jason Cain

    Not being able to delete a funnel is the stupidest thing.

    It's hard to remain organized when crap is clogging our archive folder.

  • Yonathan Worku

    How do you re import an archived funnel

  • Yonathan Worku

    How do you re import an archived funnel

  • Colormemineporterranch

    If it is archived does that mean the old urls change if we bring it back?


    If it is archived what shows on the old links after the site is archived?


    Are you planning to offer an unpublish feature for specific pages in a funnel?


    I am specifically looking to unpublish certain pages in my funnel without having to delete them and seeking the ability to do that so I can keep my funnel stack intact, unpublish a majority of the "contest giveaway funnel pages" and put up a temp page on the top of my funnel that says "this contest has ended."


    I am also wanting to have a check box feature that on a per page basis I can check a box and select from published pages in a drop down menu to temp redirect each page to a published page that I choose from that funnel series. These features would largely help me in creating my systems for selling Giveaway/Contest funnel offers.


    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help answer these questions.

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