Add Contacts to a ClickFunnels Static Email Lists From Funnel Pages and Steps




  • Derek Dickson


    1. Are you able to set the action delay in minutes as well as hours?

    2. Inside the Page Editor you are able to set an action. If I set a remove from list action on my Up-Sell page, will it remember the contact from the Order Form page or do they have to enter their email again in order for the action to fire?


    Thank you

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Derek 

    1.  You are able to set the delay by dividing the hour and using the decimal places.  .25 = 15 minutes, .5 = 30 minutes and so on.

    2. The individuals who are active in your funnel will all be cookied and their information will pass from page to page.  Depending on your payment gateway you can use One Click Upsells as well. 

  • Donna Price

    What action do you set on the button? 

    I have button that opens popup but then on the popup is it submit the page?  I have set up the add to list in the integrations but what about the button?  "Next Step in funnel"?


  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Donna

    You would set the button on the pop up to "Submit the Page"

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