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  • Anthony Siciliano

    how do you retrieve the information from these forms? I am looking for a way to get automatically notifiied when someone fills out my custom form.. and can't find an easy way to do it. Please help!

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  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Anthony

    This article will help you set up a notification email for new form submissions


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  • luke sharman

    Where can you find the data the contact left, i can only seem to find the email address. I set up an ask campaign through cookbook ?

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  • Christian Cruz

    Has anyone gotten an answer to Luke and Anthony's questions? I'm having the same issue. Trying to do an ask campaign funnel but how do I retrieve the information that was submitted? the link than Andrew posted only deals with funnel notifications, but that link doesn't show where the user-submitted data is located. There's a work-around using a 3rd party service like google forms but it's ugly and pushes people out of the funnel. 

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  • Manuela Aust

    I have an intake form in my funnel that people need to fill in before proceeding, and even though they are set as "Required" fields; they can click to proceed to the next step without filling it in or clicking the terms box. Why is that? How can I make sure they can't proceed without filling in the form? Thanks! 

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  • Yassin Shaar

    I used Zapier to send me an email whenever someone submits the form.

    Then I mapped out the custom fields to pre-defined input fields (like Address) as Zapier doesn't capture custom fields.

    So instead of creating a custom field called "Yearly revenue", I select "address" and just change the text.

    It's not perfect, but gets the job done.

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  • Lawrence james

    Here's the answer to Anthony and Luke. You will have to click on the contact and check the contact profile.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you'll see your custom fields/answers.


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