Split Test




  • Liam Miller

    Can you split test price?

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Leam

    The order pages don't allow the option at this time to split test price points.  

    You can, however, split test the option or sales page that precedes the order page in your funnel and use either the "on submit go to" redirect function found under your "General" settings or a button on a sales page with the URL to the order page you would like to test.

    That would require your funnel to have 2 order pages or that you use 2 funnels to test the price point.

  • filipe


    How do you do to see the stats under each page ?


  • Coed Helen


    Are there two separate URLs for each of the split test pages so I can add them to my experiment notes?




  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Coed

    You can use the URL in the funnel step and the path for each page.

    Select the little gear icon on the page level and you can see the path.


  • Joel Thunborg

    Hi, is it possible to measure the split test with button clicks? At the bottom of the pages I'm split testing there is a button leading to the same website outside of the funnel. I'd like to measure how many reached that site from each version of the split test page, is that possible? Thanks!

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