Integrating ClickFunnels With Recurly



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  • Kalon Wiggins

    Man, I was so excited to see that an integration was available.

    There is a huge deal-breaker of a problem though.

    To test the integration before you make your funnel live, you have to put your whole recurly payment gateway into 'sandbox mode'

    This means any existing transactions you're processing inside of recurly would also be instantly sandboxed too, and therefore would not charge.

    Sure maybe this would be ok if this funnel was the only time you're actually using recurly, but if you're using this integration, it's going to be because you're already using recurly.

    Also, keep in mind that if you have 2 funnels running through recurly, you'd be knocking the other one into sandbox mode to test the new one.

    For this reason, I'd suggest that this integration is not really useable without further development.

    I was pretty excited though.

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