Setting Up A PayPal One-Time Product




  • Rob Duffin

    How do I set things up so that PayPal is an option on the same page that I have standard credit card processing via Stripe?

    I want my customers to be able to choose one or the other based on their preference, as on other ecommerce sites.

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  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Rob.

    This is a possibility if you use the V1 version of PayPal found under the "Settings" tab in your funnel.

    There are a few things to note if you use this process.

    We are hosting a Q&A webinar today @ 4pm EST in the official Clickfunnels Facebook group, I will be live answering questions.  This is a great question to bring and we can demonstrate in real time how to set up the process in ClickFunnels and address how to set up the rest of the funnel to function with this feature.

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  • eugene morrison

    I am trying to promote clickfunnels products and I need to sign up for Tipalti. What specific product do I sign up for, and how do I go about doing so? What is the email address I should use? Pleas

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