Why Won't My Links Save In The Editor?




  • Andre R. Mallet

    I feel you didn't understand the question. I've had the same problem. It isn't that the links aren't working, it's that they are not saving. In my case, when linking my ancillary pages (about us, privacy etc..)  and copying the page url as displayed and pasting by replacing the #, as soon as I would close the hyperlink element and re-open it, the url was gone. I think I've found a solution though: Immediately after pasting, and replacing the #, hit ENTER and the URL will save.

  • Bill Kasper

    Andre is correct, I'm having the same problem.  Changes to an existing page aren't saved after clicking "SAVE".

  • erik

    Posting with Control V (on mac) is what did it for me. As mentioned, the mouse wont work. THANKS CF Family (and team)

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