Click Funnels Affiliate Submit Tax Form




  • Juma John Jongu

    Hey there, I have sent my tax forms numereours times and I am still getting reminders to submit them and wondering why?

  • Samantha Brightwell

    Why does my affiliate account say that I've not submitted my tax forms, when I have? I have the confirmation in my email. I can send that but I can't find any information on how to get support with this. Unless this is resolved, I can't withdraw the money in my affiliate account. 


  • Sherry Thacker

    Same here ... I have submitted a few times and it says it doesn't have it


  • Guillermo Flores

    Got, the same problem. Already submimtted three times.


  • Zachary Holben

    I submitted the wrong taxes form. what do i do?


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