Integrate Your ClickFunnels Account with Zapier




  • Paul Endzell

    I need to find the HTML code, its key to collecting the lead.

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    This procedure is out of date with the current Zapier layout.

    You will need to go to "My Apps" and then you will see "Connected Accounts" after completing the initial setup procedure.  

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  • Michael Carey

    Does ClickFunnels support direct WebHook integrations without the need to use Zapier?

    I already have created my own WebHook endpoints and know exactly where to send the data and then how to process the POST data, JSON, FORM, etc. once the Hook is called.

    I don't want to use nor do I need to use Zapier to handle WebHook data, so long as, ClickFunnels will POST the data to my desired endpoint.

    When I attempted to "Add New Integration" I always get the following error:

    Oops! It looks like there was a problem!
    Please review the problems below:
    Failed to Successfully Connect WebhookApi - Verify Access Details

    1. Verify what "Access Details". There is an error message but no debug. I could use the debug / log data.
    2. I am very confident that my WebHooks are working since I tested them using Postman.
    If you're not familiar with Postman, it is a developer / testing tool to test APIs and other HTTP endpoints and much more.
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