Set Up Your Gsuite Account and Connect With ClickFunnels




  • Royce DeZorzi

    How to create new MX records for Google to connect my email? 


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  • Louis Owens

    I'd love to know how to use my gsuite account to send emails.  There's no information anywhere on this.  


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  • Charles Wood

    The steps here are outdated, and no longer reflect the steps shown on gsuite.  In addition to that, there are no instructions for configuring the smtp integration in clickfunnels after the gsuite integration he been completed.

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  • Ben

    As of 3/39/19, these instructions are totally correct!

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  • Asma

    Thank you so much! Very helpful!

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  • Mark Douglas

    I was stuck trying to confirm the domain purchased in clickfunnels on Gsuite and this helped me:

    In Gsuite, as of 1/14/2020, on the confirmation page - it asks whether you want to confirm the recommended way (domain registrar) or alternate ways (html tag, html upload, google analytics).

    Choose the recommended way (domain registrar) and scroll all the way to the bottom and choose "other".

    This brings up a TXT file to input into the clickfunnels zone records for the domain. 

    Hope this helps someone. 


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