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  • Miriam Jacobs

    First of all, the videos do not allow me to pause, and since I cannot do this as quickly as you do I have to keep watching the look over and over again. Also: the screen is so little that I can only see what you are doing if it is large, and this does not allow me to have the instructions and my doc open at the same time so I have to keep having to do multiple steps just to go back and forth. Thirdly, after I finally did it all, I am still no further cause it still does not work. Fourthly: you keep using abbreviations which mean nothing to me such as 'SSL certificate'. I don't care if this is all in Swahili, but it also does not allow me to have any idea of what I am doing, why I need to do it, or how it all fits in, which parts fit where. 

    Dear Russel Brunson: if you want to 10X your business, then make a simple version of all this, all-inclusive, without forcing us to either get a certificate in your business or hire somebody who does. I have a good idea, I understand what a funnel is and does and how much you have put into it, but the mystery maze that I have to go through in order to set this up is absurd. You are losing all the business from people like me ... I have been in this place before and gave up. I am back, reluctantly, but with my back against the wall, otherwise, I would give up again.

    Miriam Jacobs

  • Patrick Taylor

    I'm with Miriam Jacobs.  Very insightful message.  Please Russell and team...slow down and take a breath.  You sell the simplicity in the sales videos, but when you get inside it's very complex to set up.  I have 30+ years of IT experience and this is not a walk in the park for me.  I can only imagine a non-technical person trying to set this up.

    You have gone to great lengths to set this training up, but it is virtually useless to the average person. The videos don't have controls on them and you can't pause them making them unusable. 

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