Using Gsuite To Create An Email For Your ClickFunnels Domain




  • Royce DeZorzi

    Thanks for the article.

    Now that my GSuite account is set up and connected to my clickfunnels domain, I'm having trouble, because I purchased my domain through clickfunnels, but google seems to think that I purchased it through, and in order to transfer my email service to google it is only giving me the option to go through dnsimple.

    What do I do to get my email set up under my domain name? I don't have a dnsimple account I bought the domain through clickfunnels.

  • Joseph Macolino

    Royce, you'll want to make sure you continue to the next step and do a manual setup:

  • bensassi.faysel

    Thank you, very simple and it worked for me.

  • Andrew Atella

    Log in to your domain host's website.

    Looks like your domain is hosted with Dnsimple. Open the Dnsimple website in a new tab and log in.

    Choose a different method
    I have successfully logged in.

    Go to the control panel for your domain

    Add a new TXT record to your domain.

    Save the TXT record and verify.

    Go to the control panel for your domain

    Create new MX records for G Suite.

    Save the MX records

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