Setup a email double opt-in confirmation process




  • kate obrien

    What if a user goes to Optin page and enter an email address which already exists? Shouldn't it be giving an error telling them to use a different email or inform that this email address already exists?

    I've tried using same address twice and while it worked perfectly the first time, it literally didn't do anything on second attempt. That is; there's no error or warning whatsoever. This isn't good. Thoughts?



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  • john Lee

    Hi and thanks for the info. Can we create a double opt in if we are using a 3rd party software like Active Campaign??  If so, how do you do it.

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  • Andrew Neumann

    The email address is updated with new information.  If the person has already confirmed their interest then any list you have moving forward would automatically be confirmed if they subscribe using this process. 

    This process is only a workaround it's not officially a "real" double opt-in function.  It will only make sure that subscribers you send emails to are "confirmed". 

    We are working on updating the system to allow for double optin functionality.  

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  • Achemlal

    yes, same problem

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