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  • Dan Kuehl

    done these steps a while ago and still have not received a T shirt or nothing.  Not wasting my time any more on this game.

  • Yashica Burgess

    Please create a support ticket and we'll be able to assist you with getting your free shirt.

  • Dan Kuehl

    how do I fill out a support ticket?

  • support

    Use the Get Help icon at the lower right hand of the screen

  • Aneel Irfan

    cant find video to share, button takes me to http://goingviral.live/

  • Darlene C MacDonald

    I was not able to share the video. It took me to https://www.heroku.com/home. Strange!


  • Yvonnechackworth

    i couldnt share or edit my profile..all these pop up keep comming up..im just starting and i have no support..i dont know what to do...

  • Phil Deppen

    Hi CF,

    FYI the 2 links for the video to "share on Facebook" and "share on YouTube" don't work. The apps are no longer available. I did my own workaround, but thought you might want to know.

  • Golden Egg

    There are no 'show me how' buttons on this page. FYI. Also I was lucky to find this page, been trying to learn it on my own for a week now.

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