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  • Biola Shofu

    That was great but how do I upload my video to click funnels?


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  • Carlos Dacosta

    Your advise on How to Upload a video from youtube "ADD VIDEO" does not work. I've been now 3 days with this. Is there anyone I can talk to, or can contact me? Something is wrong with my page will not accept ant videos at all. Help.


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    Hi Yashica,

    I have an issue, I put the URL with "unlisted video on youtube" and sometime it works,

    sometime I have this message : " the video is not available"

    It's random I don't undrestand

    Can you help?


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  • Michael Pasquino

    how do I upload a video through the email i created in actionetics?

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  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Michael

    You are able to upload the video to any video host online and add either an image with a link or a .Gif file with the link to the video you want to use. 

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  • Tim

    I don't see the option in YouTube to select or de-select the "show suggested videos option" when I click the share option as it states in the video. Is this somewhere else now?

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  • Vincent Salviano

    To remove "show related videos" at the end of your video AND to remove controls during your video...

    When you paste the "Custom Embed" code into the section, You must add some code to the end of your youtube video url.



    (the video above will show all controls AND related videos at the end that may steer people away from your content)

    ... ""

    (the above code will remove controls [controls=0] AND remove related videos at the end [rel=0] when this plays in your page) try it out: 

    ADD:      ?rel=0&controls=0      in between the "  " 

    UPDATE: youtube will still show related videos BUT they will ONLY be related videos from YOUR channel now! 
    Hope this helps! I know it helped me! 

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