Setting Up A Subdomain For Your ClickFunnels Domain




  • Ariadne Sanders

    I need a bit more detail on the intent and best choice for subdomain. 

    If I plan to build different funnel types should I have a subdomain for each (e.g. subdomain for realtor funnel, subdomain for work from home funnel, subdomain for affiliate funnel)?

    My goal is simply to ensure I have the most efficient setup from the beginning. Do it right do it once.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • John McMillin

    Is there a limit on subdomians?  If you get 9 domains, can you have 9 subdomains etc.?  Just to clarify also, can you have a domain point to one funnel and a subdomain of that domain point to another funnel?

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  • Maximilian C. Schwenn

    Also for me is important to know how many subdomains can I add to my Clickfunnels account.

    Subdomains are compared with domains? The limit is always 9? Or I have 9 domains and more subdomains? E.g. 3 subdomains for each domain?

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