PayPal Order Form Testing



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  • Connor Drake

    This feels really incomplete and made me more confused than ever.

    I reached this article as a "what you can do now from "Setting Up A PayPal V2 Subscription Product."

    I already set up my PayPal V2 integration. I am supposed to create a separate V2 integration for this? If so, am I copying-and-pasting my Live ID/Secret, or my Sandbox ID/Secret?

    If I'm not supposed to set up a separate V2 integration, am I supposed to go into my current V2 integration and turn off Live mode?

    Also: The "Test Mode" specifically says it's for Stripe ... Aren't we testing PayPal here? Speaking of PayPal, when I tried to follow along I was told I couldn't log in with own PayPal email. This isn't addressed in the training. 

    Really, really confused here and would love a more complete guide. This is really important stuff, but it feels incomplete. 

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