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  • Richard Stith

    This yes to complicated It's been a month and i haven't launched not one working funnel.

    I don't have money to waste. I'm not shore if I'm coming to invest another $97.00.

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  • Josephine Rogalski

    I have been trying to sort this out for several months and am still trying to get it done.  There is just not anyone available 24/7 and the tutorials just leave you hanging on a minor point that is impossible to figure out from the tutorials. I have been sitting here all day with 2 minor needs and although I have one solved another now has cropped up.  Richard I hope you got something launched; and are feeling better than I.

    If I had only spent $97.00 I would have been happy.  Still nothing coming in. and no one is here to help me finish this last step.



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  • Andrew Neumann


    At the top of each article are links to "what you will need" before you can implement what the article is trying to show you how to set up.

    At the bottom of each article is a link to the next articles called "what you can do now" you can follow these links to set up additional steps in your funnel.

    We also have a support team the assist in answering questions and helping with technical issues.  In addition to that we have Q&A webinars every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 4pm EST where you can ask questions and we will demonstrate how the system works in real time how it relates specifically to your question.  You can register for notifications here:

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  • Aaron Acosta

    Do two-step order forms capture the email address? If not why not? How can this feature be added?

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