Welcome to ClickFunnels Support!

To get you a solution as fast as possible please read and follow these guidelines prior to submitting a ticket. This sequence has been proven to get you solutions, very fast.

  1. Don’t Panic. All problems can be solved, and most can be found quickly within our Help Articles.

  2. Clear Your Cache. Please see our article on Clearing Your Browser Cache if you’re not familiar with how to do so. This quick and easy step is the first step to solving a number of issues.

  3. Review Your Settings and Steps. Many issues are caused by an unintentional miss-step, like not saving a change in settings or the editor. Please try the process again to see if the solution presents itself in the re-attempt.

  4. Submit a Ticket with All Relevant Information To get you an answer faster it’s important that our team has all relevant information including the issue that you’re experiencing, relevant links, screenshots, error messages, and images to show us what you see. Please also include the funnel, custom domain, integration related to your solution.

Our funnel heroes are often able to respond within 24 hours of submitting your question, Monday through Friday.

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