How to cancel your ClickFunnels account




  • Azforeveryoccasion

    There is no account billing section

  • Jennifer Faust

    This didn’t work, I cancelled days in advance of my bill date but there was no exit survey or confirmation, and conveniently support has not answered my ticket. I don’t want to be charged another cycle because it doesn’t work according to these instructions! I tried seeing what I needed to do to cancel a couple of weeks ago, and same problem. No one has fixed it..

  • Jennifer Faust

    I am very concerned because a couple of weeks ago the service people said they didn’t see the cancel go through, and at the time I was still deciding so that was fine, I was just trying to figure out how to cancel for when I needed to, but now it’s not letting me and I do not want to be billed another month

  • reginald walker

    I do not have an account number

  • reginald walker

    Two days after I set the account up I canceled after that

  • Richard Hyde

    I can't cancel, it doesn't allow after going through steps, the steps aren't there as they explain


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