Manager Access




  • Brian Baker

    Well this is what I was looking for and its going to be awesome when you release this feature. 

  • Cameron Turner

    When is this feature going to be released?

  • Daniel

    This seems like something that should have been released ages ago. Amazed this isn't a feature yet. How does CF expect for a team to be working on projects??

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Daniel

    This feature is currently active and is how you manage people who have been provided access to your account.  It's only available currently for Certified Partners to gain access but will soon be a feature that is available to all users.

    Hopefully this helps


  • Paul Endzell

    Okay here is what I'm trying to do.  When I first got started I loaded up my account with a bunch of funnels that I now cannot use, in fact I want to concentrate of funnels that I can use.  I plan on upgrading down the road but not until I get myself ready.  

    I have 20 funnels in my account that I seem to own and cannot get rid of, I simply want to clean up the mess, its confusing and unproductive.  I know I can archive them but that doesn't solve the problem, I have funnels I opened that I shouldn't have opened in the first place, this was before I realized once I brought them in I cannot get rid of them. 

    Can I not delete these from my account so that I can build on ideas that will actually help me. Now that I know more about my own needs and what I want I feel I'm stuck with a bunch of waisted space. 

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Paul 

    Here is the process to Archive your funnels:

    This is how you will be able to make some room in your account for the funnels you want to use.  

  • Creighton Shute

    There must be some sort of work around for this.  Do I really have to give my team full access to my account in order to have them work on landing pages and funnels?

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hi Creighton

    There isn't a "Workaround" as this feature is working as intended.

    Right now there isn't a way to allow people to have access to your account unless they are either ClickFunnels staff or a Certified Partner.

    The Manager tab allows you to remove the access of a Certified Partner you previously allowed access.  In the future, there will be options to allow others access to your account with privileges


  • Christian Clottu

    Could you please share any estimated date on when it will be available for all clickfunnels customers? As I can't give full access to my staff to our purchases, then you are forcing me to manage cancellations/refunds myself. Thank you for your attention.

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