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  • Steve Schoenhoff

    Did all this and still never got the t-shirt.

  • Andrew Neumann

    Hey Steve 

    Sorry to hear that.  I'm going to create a ticket for you and get your shirt out as soon as possible. 


    Me too. Notification says that my t-shirt will be delivered. But I didn't receive any.

  • William Ryan Strong

    It has been over a month and I never received my funnelhacker t-shirt. 

  • Jason Austin

    Same here. Did the OFA challenge the first of the year... no T-shirt...yet

  • Laura NUNN

    I also never received my t shirt.  It's been 6 months for me.

  • Dennis Toth

    It has been over 3 months for me and I have not seen my t-shirt yet.  Not sure what I missed but I am an avid fan of Click Funnels!  T-Shirt or no T-Shirt this is the tool to help one another out!!

  • Emmanuel John Etuk-Akpan

    Me too. I only got a confirmation that T-shirt was ordered after the videos. I still have not received a confirmation email and no tracking has been sent me

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