[ClickFunnels - Account] Add managers' accounts with different levels of access




  • Matt

    At the very least allowing access as unique users who can't change or see billing information, nor modify the 'owner' user account. Perhaps more granular control to come later but I believe this exists only for Certified Partners, today.

  • You Are Love Publishing LTD

    Great idea Matt, I agree that it would be definitely a nice way to start.

  • Innvio / RevuKangaroo

    Also agree. I've built a few software platforms in my day. Parent > Child admin rules would be very nice to have. As Russell has just presented "find the who" this would make it safer to work with someone.


  • Alexandre Billaut

    For me it's a no brainer.
    Facebook does this, Google, Wordpress, Shopify does this, everyone does this!

    - When you're a user and you want to share an access with a contractor or an agency, with different level, you can do it without putting your account (credentials) at risk

    For Agencies, there should be a "Click Funnnel Business Manager", where you can request an access to a CF access, and affect your own team there.

    Basically, I would say: Copy the Facebook Business Manager.

  • Hannes Kuehn

    Hi there,

    I work with clients that would want and need a funnel as a website for their business, but paying $97 a month is too much for them.

    I could create a funnel for them with my account but would have to care for every single change they want to make. I don't want to do that and they don't want this dependency. 

    If there would be a program that allows us "not certified folks" to offer our clients a solution where they can change stuff for themselves, like adding a blog article or some minor changes so that they could just login to their funnel and change what they want but are not bothered with all the setup. 

    Btw, you could create another Business Opportunity with that, offering people like us to charge them and have fixed accounts that won't get cancelled. If you really want to dig deeper into that you can offer templates for certain branches. Make an own product out of that. 

    Ask me, I got ideas...

    The idea would be to use the 'Managers' feature and just give us the opportunity to add a domain/funnel to that the Managers' email. I hope this happens fast, so we don't have to let clients into our accounts. 

    Best, Hannes

  • Marko Blom

    I support this feature request. 

  • Express Lead Consulting

    Please implement asap

  • eric

    Totally agreed with Alexandre B. (above) - how is not having "child users"/team member logins even a situation in Clickfunnels??? It is important to have a way for contractors to login but in a way that they can't see billing or account credentials.

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