[Click Funnels - Page Editor] Add native functionality for a coupon code



  • Zach Case

    Have you checked out CF Pro Tools? It has the code to add a coupon code to your checkout page

  • J. Scott Talbert

    hey zach - no, i don't even know what CF pro tools is.  

    i only know that every platform on the planet i can think of has this feature...

    ... and i shudder at the thought of another upsell to add a coupon code - at $297 i'm in deep enough i think.

    thx for taking the time to weigh in though...

    much appreciated.

  • Zach Case

    Scott the free version of the CF Pro Tools has the coupon code in it the upsell has more codes but the free version has like 20 JavaScript codes that do some pretty cool stuff. I was looking for similar things when I came acros the CF Pro Tools which is why I mentioned it. Check out the free version when you get a chance. It will be under the section promo code when you get into the members area

  • Malorie Yagelski

    I'd love for coupon codes!!! The cf pro tools seems like a runaround for adding coupon codes!

  • J. Scott Talbert

    1. thank you zach, very much.  i do appreciate you taking the time to follow up on that.  i'll see if i can track down this CF pro tools you speak about... 

    2. malorie - thank you for making that great point, too.  the only reason i left other solutions that were mostly all paid for in favor of CF was b/c i was SICK & TIRED of integration hell.  waste of freaking life.  seriously, i'd rather go live in the woods than deal with any more tech troubles.  anyway, YES - i'm anti-runaround myself and agree wholeheartedly.  

    i've already had to go back to provely/proof b/c i think the digital table rush is only on the shopping cart (and i wanted something on a squeeze page)... and, of course, i have to integrate up viral (as did russell during the hackathon thing), and i understand CF cannot be everything (or could it?).  but it would be nice to see little things like this prevent unnecessary add-ons & integrations.  i may even have to re-visit deadline funnel to get the robust features & drop-dead serious scarcity.  but would be nice to see the native countdown timers advance in time to eliminate that too.

    bottom line: i operate on the assumption that CF will integrate & "play nice" with CF... and, so, the more stuff we can have under the hood of that one car, the better!

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