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Recycling products within funnels



  • Official comment
    Nicole Struck


    I'm Nicole with the Education Team at ClickFunnels. Thank you so much for your suggestion. This has been passed to the Development Team and they will take it under consideration for future updates.

    If you would like to help promote your suggestion to give it priority over other suggestions, invite your friends and other FunnelHackers to upvote this post by clicking the up arrow on the top right-hand side of the post.

  • David Wilkes

    For what it's worth that is one of the reasons that I'm looking at alternative funnel sites


  • Xing Griffith

    Oh, I just realized  that you cannot move the products among the pages! What a disappointment. How soon do you plan to solve this? This IS such an obvious function. Are you sure CF cannot do it? or we just have not found out...Please confirm.  Thank you.  


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